Monday, February 29, 2016

Calcining process in gypsum production

Calcining process is one of the main factors in the control of characteristics of produced product, because it affects plaster's quality.

Proven and time-tried systems, that are developed by the engineers of MMM ERBA, provide comprehensive solutions individually to meet our customers' all needs. 

Our specialists, with years of experience in gypsum production, will assist our customers to select the most suitable solution - optimal design and economical production cost.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Packing Unit of Plasterboard Plants

Packing Unit

Plasterboards are ready to use from Bundler exit, are sent to Stacking Table with transfer units. These boards are aligned with pneumatic pistons in stacking table. Number of stacking boards can be easily adjusted by means of adjustable descending stacking table. Plasterboards that is ready in stacking table are moved to the forklift table, and then boards are transferred to warehouse as ready to shipment.


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Блок Формировки, Конвеер Затвердения и Транспертеры Заводов по производству Гипсокартона

Блок Формировки, Конвеер Затвердения и Транспертеры Заводов по производству Гипсокартона

В наших заводах, все транспортировки, оба вертикальные и горизонтальные, осуществляются ковшовыми элеваторами, ленточными конвеерами и шнековыми конвеерами. Все машинное оборудования, в заводах построенные компанией ЭРБА, спроектированы инженерными калькуляциями высшего уровня. Все оборудования и матералы сертифицированы и соответствуют Европейским Стандартам.

Режущий аппарат и Стол-ускоритель

Стол Переворачивания Листов

Конвеер Затвердения

Транспертеры Подачи Листов в Сушильный Блок

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Forming, Setting Line, Cross conveying units of plasterboard plants

Forming, Setting Line, Cross conveying units 
of plasterboard plants

All transportation operations, both vertical and horizontal, in our factories are performed through Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyors and Screw Conveyors. All the machines located in factories built by MMM ERBA, are projected with top-level engineering calculations. All equipment and materials are certified in accordance with European Standards.

Knife & Acceleration Table

Turning Table

Setting Belt

Dryer Feeding Unit

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Drying Unit (Dryer Burners) of the Plasterboard Plants

Drying Unit
Dryer Burner

Multi-level drying units, designed and manufactured by ERBA, have from 6 to 10 levels, depending on the capacity of plasterboard production factory.

Dryer is used to dry the plasterboard in order to gain strength. Therefore, our dryers have a fragmented structure and their capacities can be increased according to customer request.

There are fans that provide transfer of the hot air from burner into the dryer, to every levels of dryer. 5.6% of heat recovery is achieved with using stainless steel heat exchanger.

Travelling speed of plasterboard on conveying systems and the speed of the dryer is synchronized in feeding machines. Also, gap between the transferred plasterboard is cleared automatically.

Dryer outlet makes plasterboard sequentially and it concludes drying process before trimming and stacking on pallets.

Humidity and temperature values can be controlled. With electronically control system, made by our automation team of experts, all drying flow has become processable and treatable.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Plasterboard Production Factory

Capacity: from 6 to 50 m per min.

Plasterboard is produced in a continuous production process by pouring gypsum slurry, which is made up from gypsum, water, chemicals and additives, between two layers durable papers.

Plasterboard dimensions can be adjusted according to customers’ demands. It is one of the most preferred product in construction and decoration thanks to its ability of easy and quick installation.
Plasterboard can be produced in size from 9.5 mm to 20 mm thickness, from 600 mm to 1200 mm width and from 1800 mm to 5000 mm length according to customer request.

Production line speed of plasterboard plant is determined as per customer’s demand and final design of the plant is done accordingly. We, as ERBA, have been following the latest technological advancements for innovation since the date of foundation and have been offering our customers privilege of production in most technologically advanced plants by improving our equipment in this direction.

12.5 x 1200 x 2500 mm is the standard size of plasterboard that is used in today’s markets and its dry weight is approximately 9.0 kg/ m². The factors such as paper quality and additives can affect these values. 

We, as ERBA, are provide long-lasting, high quality, durable, effective and low-cost plants for our customers and investors. 

ERBA, with its professionalized and experienced staff, guarantees the high quality design, assembly and smooth commissioning of the plant.